We can prepare the annual Form 5500 for your employee benefit plan (including pension, 401(k), and health and welfare plans).

Our seasoned professionals can help you avoid filing penalties, reduce preparation costs, and electronically file Form 5500 easily. We understand the IRS and DOL reporting requirements and constantly monitor changes in ERISA laws and required compliance issues.

Services provided by Novak Birks, P.C. 5500 team:

  • Prepare or review Form 5500 and related attachments
  • Prepare Form 5558 filing extension for the Form 5500
  • Deliver signature-ready returns and provide complete electronic filing services under the ERISA Filing Acceptance System 2 (EFAST2)
  • Assist with IRS and DOL inquiries
  • Perform employee benefits related tax technical research
  • Prepare additional employee benefit filing requirements, including Form 5330, Form 990 and Form 8955-SSA
  • Provide analysis of welfare plan Form 5500 filing requirements

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